Apps for IOS

Known for their optimum performance along with clean sound outputs, applications that are being hosted in IOS mobile phone come with a few surprises. Furthermore, they do not suffer from latency issues that are commonly faced by an android phone. They are available for download from the App Store or iTunes.

The app is a pure treat for all guitarists. It hosts multiple guitar pedals such as delay, chorus, fazer, distortion, and even a real time operational wah pedal!

Essential ones such as equalizer, compressor, and limiter are also available and can be assigned accordingly on the virtual pedal rack. You name it, and it’s all there on the net for additional downloads as plug-ins. Amplifier selection is a feat for guitarists who are choosy over the tones of the strings. Options for Mic placement positions acts as toppings for a delicious cake! This might not be an ideal app for recording and mixing your music files though. But it surely allows you to export the sounds that you process through the multiple effects as wave files. Signature sounds of well-known guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani, and Slash are also available for download. But, without a footswitch option, I bet you will have a tough time operating the wah pedal and changing the effects while playing a guitar!

Groove yourself to the classical eastern beats of tabala with this app. To add some flavor to the beats, you will have options to add the sounds of two 5-string taanpuras, a sur-peti (shruti box), a swarmandal, and a manjira (bhajani taal only). This will eventually lead you to create a vibrant layer of music for a soothing raaga. Features that are compiled by this app include 30 taals (most of them incorporate multiple variations), harmonium tuner, built-in metronome, tap tempo, full-featured mixer to adjust volume for each track, and pitch control along with a few other surprises.







djay 2
Hosting a wide variety of features such as sampler, parallel waveform view, effects, track preview, x-y pad, colored waveforms, Slip mode, and Sliced Beat modes, the updated version is worth a download. Its drawbacks include the absence of the function to make playlists within the app (needs to be done from the music app), the necessity to have an account in iCloud for cloud syncing, and a desktop software counterpart with limited features. Despite its disabilities, it is amongst the best in its category.





This is a very handy app for guitarists. It includes tuner functions, chord charts, scales, metronome, and several utility features even for 12-string guitars, bass guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, and even lefty instruments for all these categories. There are even capo activation functions as per your choice over the virtual frets. The fun part is that you can strum your guitar with the help of touch sensors. A friend of mine even showed me how he could easily play the signature guitar lick of slash’s solo in ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’. It got even more exciting when he introduced a whammy/vibrato sound when he swung his iPhone!




Can’t find the chords of your favorite songs over the Internet? Well, here’s a very simple solution. All you need to do is command this app to decode the audio file of your desired song and presto! The chords of the song are transcribed automatically and displayed at the top of each wave file variation accordingly The notes that build up the chords are also displayed alongside on a keyboard interface. It is advised by users not to depend totally upon the software for finding out the chords though.