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Party Nepal is organizing an event titled ‘EcoSport the Amazing Motor Rally’ that will be held on July 13-14. Ford is the main sponsor of this proceeding, during which the company’s new car EcoSport will be launched officially and will lead the other cars. The participants can bring any brand of car and register for two people per car by July 5 at Rs. 9,999. Registration process after this date is Rs. 12,000 per car. This rally will start from Kathmandu and end in Pokhara. Participants will be given 20 tasks and will get to discover 10 treasures during their journey. Stopovers include Riverside Spring Resort and Water Front Resort. There will be numerous entertainment schedules for the participants during the event that includes live music, gala dinner, yoga, meditation, and leisure games. Winners will get free two-way tickets to Bangkok.

A Heritage of Cars:Ford completes 110 years
Akash Golchha, Director
Go Ford Automobiles

“Ford is a very old company (since 1903) that manufactures cars and the sole reason for celebrating its heritage is to commemorate its achievements throughout the years. It is one of the first companies to start assembly line production of cars as it was also the first to make mass production of automobiles. Ford’s Mustang was invented during the 1960s and it entered the Nepal market during that period when no other cars were so prominent on the roads as we see them today. It is still a premium model and is being used in contemporary movies like ‘Fast and the Furious 6’. We have showcased a car here in our showroom that is an antique 1920 model that is still in running condition. A lot of Ford cars were exported from Nepal later on, that’s why we can rarely see the classic models these days. Although our division of Ford’s franchisee started in Nepal in 2010, we really want people to know about this car’s world history and its presence in Nepal for such a long time. In fact, a lot of other companies were later on inspired by Ford’s technology which was incorporated in its cars for the first time in the history of automobiles.

As for the celebration of its heritage month/year, we have been distributing t-shirts with the company’s old logo and have kept Ford’s timeline in our showroom. We are trying to encourage people to know how this company changed the way automobiles looked in the past by re-inventing the accelerator that used be in the steering wheel, using tempered glass for protection for the first time in the history of cars, and many other significant changes.”

A revolutionary technology
EcoSports’ new engine (1.0-litre EcoBoost: patented) is based on Ford’s globally acclaimed EcoBoost technology. Based on a three-cylinder 1.6-litre engine, the car has an improved fuel economy by up to 20 percent. Winning the title of ‘International Engine of the Year’ award both in 2012 and 2013, the engine can even fit on a sheet of A4 size paper, but producing a power of 125 PS and peak torque of 170 Nm from 1,400 to 4,500 rpm in retrospect. The car’s aerodynamic Ford EcoSport delivers an outstanding drag coefficient of 0.371.

Safety and driver reinforcement
Around half of this urban SUV’s body structure is made up of ultra and high strength steel such as boron. This makes its frame very strong and lightweight at the same time. Another notable safety feature is the presence of multiple airbags for the driver and front passenger along with side and curtain airbags.

To prevent rolling backwards or forwards in the case of uphill or downhill driving, Hill Launch Assist function is offered in the petrol automatic variants. This allows the SUV to hold its ground for three seconds.

On slippery roads, the car is less likely to behave erratically as it incorporates the advanced safety technology called Electronic Stability Program (ESP). This is available on the versions with automatic transmission though. Primary function of this technology is to automatically reduce engine power and selectively brake individual wheels to stabilize the vehicle and keep it traveling on track once a detection has been made that the car is losing control.

Contact: 4244254, 4257001, GO Ford, Thapathali

Color variants
Mars Red, Kinetic Blue, Moondust Silver, Panther Black, Sea Grey, Chill, and Diamond White
The car comes with three engine options as well as manual and petrol automatic transmissions. It is available in four trims: Ambiente, Trend, Titanium, and Titanium Plus

Astute abilities
Ford SYNC: a voice activated in-car connectivity enables drivers to give voice commands to choose music tracks and make phone calls without the necessity to take their attention and hands away from the steering wheel. The technology also allows emergency assistance to help the commuter inside the car to directly call the emergency service operators in case of an accident. To enable this feature, Go Ford is in the process of teaming up with telephone operating companies. A glove box that can accommodate up to six beverage cans in a chilled condition is one of the 20 storage spaces inside the vehicle.

Ford EcoSport Ambiente        : 28,50,000
Ford EcoSport Trend        : 30,90,000
Ford EcoSport Titanium        : 35,90,000
Ford EcoSport Titanium AT        : 39,90,000
Ford EcoSport Titanium ECO        : 37,90,000
Ford EcoSport Titanium+ ECO        : 39,90,000
Ford EcoSport Ambiente D        : 34,50,000
Ford EcoSport Trend D        : 36,90,000
Ford EcoSport Titanium D        : 40,90,000
Ford EcoSport Titanium+ D        : 42,90,000