Oh, for the Love of Joe

Want to quench your thirst for java pronto? Here’s how.

You just woke up. You are not in complete control of your senses. You stumble into the kitchen for a quick jolt of your favorite wake-up fix. You flip a switch on a simplebrewing machine, whichhas now not onlybecome an indispensible kitchen equipment but abasic necessity in yourlife, and wait for the divine liquid to flow through.

These machines are for the true coffee aficionados.If you find yourself drinking coffee most of your time, get ready for 30ml of pure caffeine ecstasy in just 18-20 seconds.With one year warranty, these smart machines brew the exact variables for a perfect serving for your eclectic taste buds. With a price range fromRs. 5000 to a whopping 22 lakhs, these coffee machines will make a professional barista out of you, and things are heating up!

For the home users
Unleash your hidden desire to become an espresso expert, a connoisseur of coffee, and bask in the glory and admiration of friends and family.

For the professionals
As a car would require a skillful driver, so does a coffee machine. These machines with one or multiple groupheads, controls all variables to produce a quality shot of the most beloved coffee blends,and will definitely make a professional barista out ofyou.

Things to remember before buying
You will need a grinder too according to your coffee machine.
You need to be trained, or train yourself, to make the espresso of your dreams.
Only semi-automatic machines are being sold as of now, but automatic and manual ones can be requested too.
Keep looking for the best model that would suit your need.
Talk to previous buyers.

Things to remember after buying
The machine consumes 1200 W - 6000 W.
The machine and grinders/filters need to be cleaned with specific chemicalsand maintained properly.
Fresh coffee needs to be used for a better tasting experience, as coffee beans tend to expire within a week after breaking seal if not put in an air tight container.

Keep experimenting with the various kinds of caffeine treats you can make.
Open up your own café.

Firstly, customers should know their coffee and their preferences perfectly. There are five kinds of coffee grinds, as per the brewing machines: Turkish, Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, and Course. All companies provide models for all the grinds with varying price range. Know which taste you love and buy a suitable model. The most-loved espressos come under the Extra-Fine grind. We also provide 100 hours of free training to those who buythe machines from our showroom but we also providefor those who don’t. The course would cost Rs. 25, 000. We also sell grinders from prestigious companies like Mazzer, and aromatic and delicious coffee beans imported from the US that do not expire even after 6 months of breaking seal.”

 Tara Bahadur Pithakote, 22, Master Barista, Himalayan Java Barista Coffee School.

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