He Won a Car with His Hands

Sanjog Shrestha from Arughat Gorkha won the bumper gift, a Tata Indica V2, of Civil Mall’s promotion campaign ‘Dashain Tihar Mahotsav 2070’. For the first time in Nepal, a unique contest, “Touch and Win”, was held to decide the winner, and Sanjog won the bumper prize by standing and touching the car continuously for 452 hours and 30 minutes. A total of 150 people had registered their names for the participation.
Likewise, Saroj Balami from Pharping won Kathmandu-Dubai two way ticket by collecting highest number of shopping coupons during the campaign period. Sujan Maharjan from Khokana won an ASRI diamond necklace, and Swastika Sigdel from Urlabari Jhapa won an Apple Mac Book Air. In addition, hundreds of shoppers at Civil Mall also received various gifts such as LCD television set, refrigerator, washing machine, micro wave oven, and vacuum cleaner.