Peak entertainment at KIMFF 2013

The Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF) 2013 opened to a hall packed with a mix of Nepali and foreigner audience with a collection of 47 films from 20 countries around the world.  Coinciding with International Mountain Day, the film festival, which has already become a part of Kathmandu’s annual calendar, kicked off with the screening of Chasing Rainbows.

The opening ceremony was kept short but significant, with speakers like mountaineer and filmmaker David Breashears, and the judging panel consisting of Dyuti Baral, a sociologist and development consultant, Roger Brunner, journalist and filmmaker, and Stephen Goodwin, a freelance journalist. Breashears talked about the transformation he has witnessed of the Nepali film community. “When I first came here, no one was making films,” he stated, adding that there has been growth of talent and storytelling abilities of the Nepali filmmaking community over the past few years. The festival came to a wrap for the year on December 15 with the screening of The Epic of Everest by Captain John Noel followed by an awards ceremony.

We’re definitely looking forward to KIMFF next year, hoping it will be bigger, better and that it will have a more reader-friendly brochure.  What I take home from the festival this year is an assurance that Nepali film community is creating a bright future for itself.